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On February 22 , 1867 , Robert Todd Lincoln was officially licensed as an attorney in Chicago , and he went on to become a successful lawyer in the state of Illinois for many years , also serving as Town Supervisor of South Chicago from 1876 to 1877 . From 1881 to 1885 , Lincoln was appointed to the office of Secretary of War and served under Presidents James A . Garfield and Chester A . Arthur . Lincoln subsequently served as the Minister to Great Britain under President Benjamin Harrison from 1889 to 1893 . After returning to the field of private law practice , Lincoln began working as general counsel to George Pullman , President and Founder of the Pullman Palace Car Company .
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Robert Todd Lincoln Joins the Pullman Company
Even though their fates were not yet tied to one another , it is fascinating to note that on the very same day that Robert Todd Lincoln was licensed as an attorney in Chicago ( February 22nd , 1867 ), the Pullman Palace Car Company was officially incorporated . The company ’ s original president George Pullman quickly began to hire thousands of Black men to work as porters for his new luxury sleeper train cars , many of whom were newly-freed slaves .
Over the next few decades , The Pullman Palace Car Company continued to expand into one of the most successful businesses in America , and was reincorporated as The Pullman Company in 1900 . After the company ’ s founder and original president , George Pullman , passed away in 1897 , Robert Todd Lincoln took over as president of the company . Lincoln held the position until 1911 , when he became Chairman of the Board of the Pullman Company .
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