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nationally and internationally – I found that the gallery was not focused . I wanted my own gallery to be more involved with my artists . I wanted to bring all of my experience to help them thrive and grow with total freedom to express themselves . This has made an enormous difference in the kind of experience that you have coming into Helmholz Fine Art . I love talking about my artists . I ’ m very passionate about them and consider them my extended family . I ’ m always learning from them . I show artists that have been working in their respective mediums for 10-45 years . Some are featured in museums across America and are national award winners in the arts . They live and breathe art . Even during the pandemic , they continued to create incredible and powerful art !
Q : What goes into running an art gallery on a daily basis ?
A : I ’ m always thinking about the next exhibition . The creative process takes a lot of hard work . Sometimes it takes years to bring my vision for each exhibition to life in my gallery . I have an amazing team that I work with . I ’ m also all about representing artists here in Vermont . Whenever I have a major exhibition in the works , I spend time in my artists ’ studios , and I get to be a part of their creative process when they make their masterpieces . I talk with them and listen to their voice . This enables me to talk with collectors and bridge the connection to the artist in a more meaningful way . My gallery is also all about the community . Giving back means everything to me . I love having local students visit and experience art . Knowing that I have helped young children expand their imaginations and served as a bridge for new artists makes it all worth it ! I have hosted Hunger Free Vermont ( HFVT ) events – The Feast of Venus – for four years to educate the public and celebrate the community coming together and helping each other . It all started from a masterpiece painting , The Feast of Venus , by my artist Elizabeth Torak . The piece is about a community of women cooking and working together . It inspired me to bring the first HFVT event into existence four years ago . Thanks to the events I hosted , southern Vermont knows more about the really important work of feeding those in need ! We are all in this together , and I ’ m excited to share my love and passion of the arts as I move into the next phase of Helmholz Fine Art !

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