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Tilting at Windmills Gallery

24 Highland Avenue , Manchester Center , VT 05255
tilting . com Owner – Terry Lindsey
Q : How did you first get involved in the Southern Vermont arts scene ?
A : I moved from Middlebury to Dorset over thirty years ago . I met the former owners of the Tilting at Windmills Gallery and ended up working two days a week . I learned about framing and the art business , in general . It was an educational experience that enabled me to create a successful gallery in Saratoga during the summer race season for 15 years . My Equidae Gallery experience enabled me to become the third owner of Tilting at Windmills Gallery , which is presently slated for its 50th anniversary in December 2021 ! I purchased the gallery about nine years ago , and it has proven to be a rewarding experience . Tilting at Windmills Gallery is acknowledged as one of New England ’ s best galleries . It has quite an amazing story . It started in 1971 as a poster shop in the center of town and has since evolved into a high-end destination gallery in a new location off of Main Street . When the second owners decided to move to Florida , I became the third owner . I ’ m actually an artist myself , which has offered me personal insight that typical gallery owners might not have . However , whether you ’ re an artist or not , the passion for great art is what is most significant .
Q : How would you describe your gallery ’ s presentation , ambience , and aesthetic ?
A : I try to have a very eclectic presentation in Tilting , so I have a wide spectrum of works that people can experience and enjoy . I have three-dimensional , high-end realism pieces from artist / Master , Gunter Korus . Two of the original artists that supported Tilting ’ s growth and fame , A . Hale Johnson and Gerald Lubeck , are still visible in the gallery . I have a few other local artists , but I feature artworks from artists from all over the world . I like to keep things diverse , and exciting . Whether old or brand spanking new , the thrill of art does not diminish . I hope that visitors feel at home , comfortable , impressed , and inspired .
Q : What goes into running an art gallery on a daily basis ?
A : In the past year , there has been a notable increase in my social media promotions , as well as online sales and sales from mailings . Consequently , my computer and I have formed a strong bond . Packing is always a big part of the gallery business , as is shipping , bookkeeping , and keeping track of the finances , which my husband helps with . Due to COVID , I have chosen to remain solo , which has been a bit daunting at times . Keeping up the website and maintaining a presence on all of the online platforms requires a good deal of time invested . Every sale provides impetus to rearrange the gallery and keep a fresh appearance . If you love art , owning a gallery is a wonderful experience . It is stimulating , rewarding and exhausting , like all ventures .
Q : What do you think makes good art ?
A : I really feel like the most important quality to think about when you ’ re looking for a piece of art is whether or not the piece really speaks to you . There are artworks that elicit such a powerful emotional response in us that we can ’ t get them out of our minds . I ’ ve seen art that has lingered in my mind for years . This method of choice provides security in the constant daily viewing pleasure for life . That ’ s what I hope to have happen when somebody comes in to look . The passion of the artist is also incredibly important . If the artist is really working from their heart , their work is going to connect with many – and that is the biggest compliment an artist can receive . My ultimate goal is to help people purchase art that will provide the same thrill every day in their homes !
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