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Let ’ s Go Shopping !

Update your home décor and wardrobe with a fabulous Manchester shopping expedition !

Manchester is a wonderful place to own a home . It ’ s also a great place to shop ! In the middle of a gorgeous mountain valley , country roads surrounded by beautiful houses carve a winding and poetic path towards a vibrant town center . Inside of each house , the décor , furniture , and fabrics tell an equally compelling visual story . Manchester is well-known for the discerning aesthetic sensibilities of its residents . The streets are lined with enticing shops and boutiques , which are replete with stylish clothing and domestic products . Have the pressures of modern life prevented you from bringing your dream home and wardrobe into reality ? Fear not ! Whether you ’ re a lifelong local , a part-time resident or a recently relocated newcomer , there ’ s never been a better time to spruce up your Southern Vermont sanctuary with a revitalizing makeover . Here at Manchester Life , we ’ ve taken the liberty of compiling a comprehensive list of stores , which offer a wide selection of high-quality home goods , accessories , jewelry , and garments for your perusing pleasure . Get ready for some much-needed retail therapy – it ’ s time to begin your marvelous weekend shopping trip in Manchester !

SATURDAY- Clothing , Jewelry , and Accessories
Rise and greet the day with a wonderful morning meal at Up for Breakfast . Located in the heart of Downtown Manchester , this beloved eatery is well-known for its delicious food , courteous service and relaxing atmosphere . In the mood for something hearty and filling ? Try their “ Hungry Hiker ” meal or their vegetarian “ Garden Omelette ” with plantbased sausage . For those interested in lighter fare , their gluten-free granola is both tasty and revitalizing . Pair it with a hot and fresh cup of coffee – it ’ s the perfect energizing boost for your world-class shopping experience .
After you finish your breakfast , get ready to seize the day and embark on a memorable retail adventure ! Walking out of Up For Breakfast onto Main Street , you will see a number of tempting shops , including the Spring & Harbor Boutique directly across the road . This inviting store is full of
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