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Recommendations for Managing Fatigue
Eating at Night
Food acts like a drug , altering the balance of chemicals in the brain . Mood , energy levels , alertness and performance can all be manipulated through diet so it ’ s important to know what to eat and when to eat it .
63 . Digestion slows down during the night , allowing more time for the liver to break down our food and increasing the storage of fat ; cut back on eating after midnight to avoid weight gain
64 . Proteins are alertness foods and should be the main staple when working evening or night hours ; good examples include fish , lean meats , skinless chicken , tofu , nuts , eggs and cheese
65 . Eat high-protein to get you through sluggish periods e . g . protein bars , yogurt , a handful of nuts are all good choices
66 . Carbohydrates such as pasta , rice , bread and potatoes are calming foods that promote drowsiness and should be avoided before and during night shift
67 . Avoid high fat foods which further slow down the digestive process , as well as inducing drowsiness , bloating , and increased absorption of fat into storage cells
68 . Avoid eating negative comfort foods ( potato chips , ice cream , candy , cookies ); save them as a treat for daytime hours when your body can better digest them
69 . Avoid sugary snacks which provide a quick boost of alertness but which then drag you down into a more fatigued state than before you took the snack
70 . Avoid salty snacks which can increase dehydration and fatigue
71 . Avoid spicy and acidic foods at night ( tomatoes , orange juice , garlic , onions , etc .) as digestion is impaired and the stomach offers less protection to its lining
72 . Limit caffeine , especially four hours before going to bed so it doesn ’ t interfere with your sleep
73 . Our bodies respond better to routine , so try to eat at the same times
74 . Drink plenty of water early on when working night time hours ; good hydration combats fatigue and keeps the organs functioning better under stress
75 . Reduce liquids as you get closer to going home after night work , to avoid a bathroom call when you ’ re trying to sleep
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