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Recommendations for Managing Fatigue
Family and Social Scheduling
It is not unusual for both spouses to initially feel guilty over the resentment of work interfering in family life . Often , the resentment is turned towards each other .
53 . Communication is key – discuss your schedule and how it affects your family and friends ; spend time explaining it to your children so they understand why your time is different from other kid ’ s parents
54 . Publish your schedule for family and friends to refer to – hang a time clock on your door , mark your shift on calendars and distribute ; let the kids plan things to do when you have days off
55 . Plan quality personal time – all relationships need nourishing ; try to spend time with each family member each day ; if necessary , talk on the phone , text , use email , use post-its , send postcards , etc .
56 . If you have time off during daytime hours , spend time at your children ’ s school as a volunteer , or have lunch with them in the playground
57 . Try to have at least one meal together with family each day – your breakfast may be their supper , but work it in even if you eat different foods
58 . Discuss family security issues - check-in phone calls , arrangements with neighbours , and security systems can all help to reduce needless worry and anxiety
59 . Don ’ t completely miss out on life ’ s special moments such as the first ball game or the dance recital ; have family record events you have to miss
60 . Develop friendships with people on similar schedules so you can do things as a group at unusual times - single people especially ; go to matinees , join teams , take classes
61 . If you have to miss a birthday , celebrate it again when you can – young kids will like being able to celebrate twice !
62 . A recovery day that involves low key activities to enhance recovery and catch-up sleep should be scheduled after a series of long nights , or whenever struggling with fatigue ; it should not involve home renovations , major housekeeping or yard work , all-day sports tournaments , etc .
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