Managing Fatigue - Page 11

Recommendations for Managing Fatigue
Relaxation / Stress Reduction
Lack of sleep combined with lack of understanding or support at home can create intense feelings of stress . Workers with varied schedules need to find effective coping strategies to prevent the fallout on their health and relationships .
86 . Practice deep breathing and / or yoga ; getting oxygen into our lungs dissipates stress as well as fatigue
87 . Invest in a massage to remove the tension residing in the muscles and stimulate circulation
88 . Learn to laugh at yourself and what is out of your control ; it may be the difference between coping and having a nervous breakdown
89 . Use progressive muscle relaxation by contracting one group of muscles at a time , holding for ten seconds , then relax
Not all of these survival techniques will work for you , but some will , and if you still need help , here ’ s a bonus tip ;
90 . Talk to your friends and colleagues to find out what works for them
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