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Recommendations for Managing Fatigue
10 . Associate your bedroom with sleep and positive emotions , not wakefulness , worry , trauma or study
11 . Incorporate a regular pre-sleep routine such as a warm bath , reading a book , meditation , etc .
12 . To improve sleeping during daylight hours , invest in a “ sun ” alarm that has a sundown feature , which tricks your body into sleepiness by slowly reducing its light intensity to black
13 . Keep the TV out of the bedroom – the exposure to blue light and noise can delay or prevent you from reaching deep sleep levels
14 . Try to keep any personal electronic devices out of the bedroom , or reduce exposure to blue light by using a night light app ( check your phone settings for a blue light filter )
15 . Block out noise - wear ear-plugs , turn off your cell phone , turn off the doorbell , etc . 16 . Install a white noise device such as a fan to mask other outside sounds
17 . Spread the word to not disturb , especially in the first four hours of your sleep period unless it is an emergency !
18 . Share your schedule with family and friends
19 . Feet have the poorest circulation and there is evidence that wearing socks to bed reduces night wakening episodes and helps you fall asleep faster
20 . Avoid sleep medications ; they are highly addictive and prevent you from getting a deep recuperative sleep
21 . Avoid alcohol hours before bedtime ; it keeps you from reaching the deep recuperative sleep levels you need .
22 . Turn your alarm clock away from you so you don ’ t stress out over how much sleep you ’ re not getting
23 . Before going to sleep , write down your thoughts to help clear your mind of anything lingering or troubling which may be keeping you awake .
24 . If you regularly snore , consult your doctor or a sleep clinic that can screen you for sleep apnea or other sleep disorders
25 . Maintaining a healthy body weight can reduce your susceptibility to snoring 26 . Avoid sleeping on your back ; try to sleep on your side 27 . Avoid using alcohol and tranquilizers as sleep aids
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