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What Your ATtire


For Women

Pants: If you wear pants, they should be creased and tailored, not tight or flowing.

Skirt: Your skirt should cover your thighs when you are seated. Showing a lot of thigh makes you look naive at best, foolish at worst. A skirt that ends at the knee when you're standing looks chic and professional. Longer skirts are professional too; just make sure they are narrow enough not to be billowing, but not so narrow that you can't climb stairs comfortably. Don't purchase a skirt or decide on a hem length until you sit in the skirt facing a mirror. That's what your interviewer will see, and what others will see when you are seated in a waiting area prior to your interview. Make sure you don't have to adjust or tug your skirt into place when you move.

Color: Navy, dark gray, brown and black are safe. Other color trends may come and go; avoid the extremes.

Fabrics: Wool, wool blends, and high quality blends and synthetics are appropriate for women's suiting.

Shirts: Underneath the suit jacket, wear a tailored blouse in a color or small print that coordinates nicely with your suit. A fine gauge, good quality shell (sleeveless) or sleeved knit top (not bulky; not thin or gauzy; not a t-shirt) is also appropriate underneath your suit jacket. Don't show cleavage.

•Jewelry: Wear a conservative watch. Jewelry and scarf styles come and go. Keep your choices simple and leaning toward conservative. Avoid extremes of style and color.

Cosmetics: Keep makeup conservative. A little is usually better than none for a polished look. Nails should be clean and well groomed. Avoid extremes of nail length and polish color, especially in conservative industries.

nail length and polish color, especially in conservative industries.

Shoes: Should be leather or fabric / micro fiber. Choose closed-toe pumps. Regardless of what is in style, avoid extremes; no stilettos or chunky platforms. Make certain you can walk comfortably in your shoes; hobbling in uncomfortable shoes does not convey a professional appearance.

Hosiery: Should be plainly styled (no patterns), sheer is most conservative (not opaque), and in neutral colors complementing your suit. Dark, matching your suit and shoes is appropriate in colder weather. Avoid high contrast between your suit and hosiery color. DO wear hose in cold weather!

Bag: A business-like tote bag is ideal for interviews and other professional occasions. Tote/purse color should coordinate with your overall attire; it does not have to match your shoes, but should not clash in style and color. Your tote/purse can be leather, faux leather, micro fiber or a fine woven material. Avoid purses that look like beach/pool totes, have bold prints, or are partyish or little-girlish.