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Gil Van Wagner has been lots of things and done lots of things. Born and raised in New Jersey, twenty-eight years traveling the world in the USAF, ten years in corporate America, several years running his own business, and ended up in Utah. Now he writes, shares, teaches, life coaches, and does whatever feels right to be a self-sufficient global citizen.

His first book,”Jersey Sure”, is available via Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, and Author House. That is the only book of his with a fee attached.

Five other works……..”Dead Drunk”, “Reports from the Frontal Lobe”, “Sabbats”, “Fuggeddaboudit”, and “Notes to Mom” are all available for free download at:

Why, free? Because Gil believes the words are for whoever needs them. A book to help inspire recovery? “Dead Drunk”. Another that tells the story of a woman and her family dealing with her father’s Alzheimer’s? “Fuggeddaboudit”. A book that started out as a book of poems and ended up a gut wrenching love letter about unconditional love? “Notes to Mom”. Light and inspiration needed? “Sabbats”. Gil’s soul exposed for anyone to see? “Reports from the Frontal Lobe".

Link to him on Facebook and be welcomed. Read his words. Share his words. He writes for you.

Read his words.

Share his words.

He writes for you.

World of words

Jim Van Wagner