Majalah Hidup Sehat Vol 12: Juli 2017 - Page 21

What if You pay NOTHING for your AD unless we send you LEADS? The Future of Medias are Online & Mobile Advertising. Kabari is Already Immersed ONLINE and Mobile. These includes: Ranking (190,536) , (144,604) , Lower Ranking number is better -- it is ranking with all websites in the internet) Majalah Kabari Digital Plus (Digital Online Magazine) (Printed and Digital Online Magazine) (Free Report) Kabari YouTube (Over 23,000,000 Viewers, 16,561 Subscribers, Source: YouTube) Kabari E-zine (over 27,000 emails, Source: Constant Contact) Kabari Digital Plus Magazine Kabari Facebook (, Kabari Magazine,, Over 10,000 Subscribers). Kabari Lead Generator with Text Messaging (Mobile) How does it work? We will give you a Special Unique Phone Number for your Ad. The Unique Phone Number belongs to Kabari and the main purpose is to keep track of all the leads. We will place your ads in many Online Medias. You will have access to your own Portal that gives you information of all the LEADS. The Leads can be a Call or a Text from the Prospects to your phone. What is going to cost per LEAD? The cost starts from $ 8.00/lead with a Maximum of 100 Free Minutes. Can I turn off the LEADS if I am too busy? Yes, we allow you to do twice a month to turn off the leads if you are busy and taking a vacation. Who Qualify? This offer is only for the First 10 New and Qualified Advertisers (This offer is not available for our current Advertisers since this is a Promotional Program. And also for Real Estate Brokers/Agents, we have a Special Program, please call). Here are the conditions: 1. This price per lead is good for Six Months. 2. The Program will start on January 1st and end June 30th, 2017. 3. You are willing to give Free Report with different Tips for your industry. We can write about the tips and edited as well. 4. The ad design has to be a Lead Generation Ad. We will design the ad at No Cost to You. Can I cancel? You can cancel it at anytime. Why should I choose this PROGRAM? You are currently paying each month to advertise in your magazine. You may get None or A few LEADS. Many times the ad does not justify the cost to advertise. To get more information, please register to one of our webinars at www.KabariNews.c om Email : Jakarta: 021-428-86112 San Francisco: 415-213-7323 Los Angeles: 562-383-2100