Main Event Music Wedding Music Makes The Night Magical! - Page 5

Band or DJ? • Whilst a DJ is far more likely to be able to produce a song request then a band (depending on whether they know it) a group of live performers will always bring a level of excitement that audio simply cannot. With the ability to improvise and encourage guest to participate in the dancing, a band will most likely appeal to all ages of guests despite the music, whereas a DJ can make older guests feel closed off from the festivities. • Variety is also a key thing to consider when selecting a band or DJ. Whilst you may be catering for a certain theme in your playlist, you will also want to offer your guests some variety in the music, if only in tempo for differing preferences. • Many consumers might consider the downfalls of a band is that they will need to take at least a few breaks during their performance, and would rather not have silence during these times. Though you might think this is an upside of a DJ, they too need some respite during the evening, and even with a playlist supplying the music, the best-laid plans can fall short should there be a line in the bathroom. • The other vital thing to consider is what space you have to cater for in the reception. If there is not much room for dancing then live performers may be preferable as guests can sit and enjoy the music from their tables. Alternatively, DJ's can provide more compact units if you want to restrict how much space is taken up by the music operative.