Magazine Confluenze | fly fishing experience Number 8 Year 2

Confluence\r\nfly fishing experiences\r\n\r\nYear 2 - n.8 march 2014\r\n\r\\r\n\r\nFISHING THE RIVER MÖLL BETWEEN LAINACH AND STALL By Natalino Costa\r\nARTISTIC ORIGINS OF FLY FIHING IN ITALY By Andrea Scalvini\r\nTT TARPON TIME By Tiziano Rizzotto\r\nCONTEST PHOTO: RISING FISH By Marco Viganò\r\nPIKE ON THE FLY By Pino Messina\r\nTROUT FLY FISHING SEASON START: SOME GOOD FLIES FOR OUR READERS By Marco Feliciani and Osvaldo Gilli\r\nTHE RIVER PIAVE NEAR SANTO STEFANO DI CADORE By Albino Canepari\r\n\r\n