Tone Report Weekly Issue 102 - Page 18

Chase Tone Vintage Secret Preamp Kyle Chase of Chase Tone is known among the nerdiest of gear nerds for his exacting replications of vintage amps and pedals, often built with NOS components for the ultimate in realistic vintage recreation. His company’s Vintage Secret Preamp is a remarkably well built EP-3 preamp clone that goes beyond other, similar pedals in several ways. Firstly, it runs at 22 volts internally, which is the same voltage as the actual EP-3. Secondly, it offers two switchable modes for both the brighter, early EP-3 sounds, and the darker, later-era tones. Thirdly, it is built with the same NOS capacitors and resistors found in EP-2 and EP-3 Echoplexes. These features add up for a truly realistic EP-3 preamp feel and sound that is unlikely to be matched by similar designs. Like many Chase Tone creations, the Vintage Secret Preamp is a limited production item, so get one while you can. 18 TONE TALK // Pedals Inspired by the Maestro Echoplex