Ditchmen • NUCA of Florida January 2019 | Page 22

Project Highlight: Mirada Contractor: Burgess Civil, LLC Excavation/Site Development Metro Development San Antonio, FL PROJECT SCOPE The project consists of the development of 211 single family and multi family lots for a residential subdivision in San Antonio, FL. The type of work is not out of the ordinary but some of the means and methods to perform the work were. On multiple phases of the projects we had to lay sanitary sewer of depths up to 22’ below existing ground. Laying 20’+ deep sewer is a challenge but what made the project even more challenging was the fact that all of the Clay soils encountered in the pipe trenches were deemed unsuitable to remain under the roadway per County specifications. We had to use double stacked trench boxes in order to operate safely in the 20’ trenches. Our goal was to keep the pipe trench as narrow as possibly but within OSHA compliance. Any clay soils that we did not disturb were allowed to remain in place. Anything that was excavated could not be placed back under the roadway. 20 DITCHMEN • JANUARY 2019 SUBCONTRACTORS, SUPPLIERS, EQUIPMENT National Trench Safety was critical to the project for our trench shoring needs. We also worked with Ferguson for water & sewer pipe needs and Mack Concrete for our precast. Lastly we worked with a variety of equipment suppliers for our equipment fleet on the project including Linder Komatsu, Ring Power CAT, Flagler Volvo and Trekker Tractor. BENEFIT TO THE CLIENT AND COMMUNITY The benefit to our client was our willingness to tackle a difficult project with attention to detail. Also to provide a fast paced schedule. The benefit to the community will be the availability of affordable housing in the San Antonio, FL area. We expect to see a boom of development in the 52 Corridor in the years to come and this is one of the first large scale projects to get off the ground.