Dialogue Volume 11 Issue 2 2015 - Page 43

practice partner Family Rounds for Rounded Care Model reinforces importance of open communication DOC TALK By Stuart Foxman Illustration: sandy nichols A t the Coronary Intensive Care Unit of Toronto’s University Health Network, family members yearn for recovery and search for hope. They seek something else that’s vital: information. Dr. Chris Overgaard, medical director of the Toronto General’s CICU and an interventional cardiologist, says that while the team members work to save lives, keeping families up-to-date can be a lifeline too. That’s why they launched a pilot based on family-centred communication. Since 2014, they’ve given families the option to join the medical team on rounds. “We’ve found that by being open, family members appreciate the complexity of the care, and how closely we’re looking at the situation,” says Dr. Overg