Quest Q&A Magazine Issue 1 2016 - Page 8

How to Transform Your Business with JD Edwards Innovation Creates Competitive Advantages for Customers By Charles Knapp A Q&A with Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle JD Edwards JD Edwards remains at the forefront of ERP innovation by rapidly delivering new software capabilities that help you to efficiently utilize resources, grow revenue, and take advantage of new opportunities. JD Edwards continues to deliver transformational improvements in applications and applications technologies. Q&A met with Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President and General Manager of JD Edwards, to learn more about: • Citizen Developer and why it is important to the JD Edwards community. • Options for JD Edwards customers who have cloud aspirations. • How JD Edwards customers can create an effective mobile strategy for their organizations. “We are enabling you to use JD Edwards as a system of differentiation, business growth, and new opportunities.” What Do You Mean by Citizen Developer and Why Is This Important to the JD Edwards Community? When we say citizen developer, we are talking about enabling development by anyone outside of traditional IT development, including users and partners. Increasingly, simple yet powerful capabilities enable them to personalize, augment, and extend JD Edwards. The citizen developer movement has the potential to leverage a huge JD Edwards community with varying degrees of technical sophistication. This movement can unleash a new generation of business coders to deliver a wave of grassroots applications and capabilities that solve long-neglected problems in the enterprise. 8 Q&A • Issue 1 • 2016