BDC Magazine - Online version December 2015 Issue - 216 - Page 102

yorktel.qxp_feature 2 22/10/2015 14:13 Page 100 HEALTH & SAFETYS: YORKTEL Empower Construction Workers with Visual Collaboration An Interview with Yorktel’s Keith Gyford T he collaboration industry promises users an experience that is visually appealing and at the same time fundamental to building business relationships — and running a better business. Yorktel believes this promise, and it is committed to delivering that vision by combining the latest technologies with years of industry knowledge and expertise. Founded by Dr. York Wang in 1985, Yorktel focused initially on the US video conferencing market, and over the years evolved to include managed services, professional consulting, and unified communications (UC) solutions and services. In 2012, the company expanded its footprint with the purchase of UK-based rival, First Connections Ltd. Today, Yorktel's major data centres — based in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific — are well stationed to cover its increasing scope. Over the years, Yorktel has grown to become a leading provider “By combining real-time visual communication with the cloud and the latest medical testing equipment, patients can receive better care more quickly than ever before” of visual communication services and solutions for commercial and public sector clients. The company specialises in delivering secure and reliable collaborative solutions that bridge the gap between legacy on premise video communication systems, and the latest cloud and mobile communications solutions. Tech savvy companies like NASA entrust Yorktel to provide them with stateof-the-art video collaboration systems and other related professional and managed services. explains: “Electronic communications open up a whole new way to Voice communication’s popularity has evolved significantly over do business. For example, by knowing a customer’s availability prior the past decade to include video, online chat, text, instant messag- to contacting them [i.e. through presence technology], salespeople ing, and mobile communications. Yorktel’s customers not only can have more frequent — and more effective — conversations. receive access to all of these communication channels simultane- Likewise, meetings requiring input from multiple participants based ously; they gain access to intelligent applications that make tech- in various geographies become less of an event to organise and man- nology more effective. For example, during a live discussion, users age. Each attendee becomes fully empowered to participate from a can view one another on-screen and at the same time can add notes desk at work, at home on a laptop or PC, or even whilst traveling via or make edits to documents, drawings or other pr