ALL Magazine November 2016 | Page 52

  How Much More? An Interview with Music Collective Ivory Tower Project By Heather Paige         For Ivory Tower Project, How Much More, is so much more than just the title of an album, it is the story of overcoming incredible adversity to pursue their passion for music. Their story is real. It is genuine. It is inspiring. Ivory Tower Project is a self-proclaimed vintage rock band whose mission is to stay true to the roots of classic rock. They are a collective of soulful musicians who are bound by their passion for music, rousing guitar instrumentals, and killer beats that are meant for rocking out and rocking hard. They initially formed in the 1980’s, and have been hitting it hard ever since. Their story, their joy for music, their love of song, is not simply one of triumph. They have had more than their fair share of tragedy as well. Mark Rugala, Johnny Jace, and Sal DiAngelo formed the original core of the music collective. In 1983, Sal DiAngelo died. But the collective continued on. Then, in 2003, Johnny Jace followed suit. And still they persevered. As if that were not enough heartache for a band to bear, in 2003 Mark Rugala suffered a car accident which left him barely able to walk and constantly battling chronic pain. If there is beauty in pain, then there music is a stunning masterpiece of triumph.