Maximum Yield USA January 2017 - Page 136

green thumb gardening Baby it's Cold outside BY KENT GRUETZMACHER | Even though you're growing inside, the weather outside still has an influence. Follow Kent Gruetzmacher’s advice to keep your crop’s environment consistent even if the temperature outside is icy cold. to popular belief, indoor gardeners face challenges with C ontrary the changing of the seasons. This is because no matter how well- built and insulated a growroom is, the weather, temperature, and humidity outside greatly affect carefully controlled indoor climates. However, the industrious indoor cultivator knows how to offset these climactic fluctuations and harness the changes to achieve a bountiful harvest. Now that January has arrived, there are several steps growers can take to overcome the weather. 134 Maximum Yield USA  |  January 2017 CO2 ENRICHMENT The effectiveness of CO2 enrichment in a growroom is dependent upon several significant factors, including the infrastructure of the room, the use of air conditioning, lighting logistics, and the type of CO2 emission device being used. It’s important to note, however, that all of these variables interact with fluctuations emanating from the outdoor climate. During the warm summer months, air conditioning units in sealed rooms and exhaust fans in tradi tional rooms have to work overtime to keep the temperature at an ideal state, regardless of CO2 enrichment. The winter months allow for much more versatility concerning the use of CO2, as colder weather plays an essential role in keeping temperatures cool in growrooms. With the flexibility afforded by winter temperatures, indoor gardeners should choose their CO2 enrichment systems in conjunction with their specific needs. With sealed growrooms that continue to use air conditioning in the winter months, cultivators have the option of using notoriously warm propane CO2 burners without overheating their rooms or overworking their air conditioning units. Propane CO2 burners are beneficial largely