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what’s working Engineered for Health Onsite clinics create a healthier workplace. Malia Jacobson As the cost of health care continues to rise, employers and employees alike are finding onsite health clinics a compelling option. At first sight, the 3,300-square-foot medical clinic on appointments, no co-pay or charge for services, and you Hopkins Court in Pullman looks like any other healthcare don’t feel rushed with the provider,” says Michele Beehler, office. The neat, welcoming reception space adjoins seven SEL human resources manager. clinician rooms, two offices, and a nurses’ station. The onsite, on trend three-year-old clinic houses one physician, three nurse Schweitzer isn’t alone in its effort to reengineer employee practitioners, two registered nurses, and support staff. healthcare; the firm’s onsite clinic is part of a trend toward Notably missing from the scene, however, is the cavernous employer-managed healthcare that shows no signs of slowing. waiting room that’s a staple in most medical offices. There’s a good reason for this: Patients rarely need to wait. That’s because the clinic is operated by Pullman-based Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), a 31-year-old employeeowned company that designs and manufactures parts to protect power grids, for the care of its employees and their families. “The clinic provides the kind of care patients — Ryan Schmid, CEO, Vera Whole Health dream of, with short wait times, same-day “We have a long list of physicians eager to step into this model. Providers love spending more time with each patient. It speaks to why many of them went into primary care in the first place.” at a glance Onsite health clinics are expected to grow 15-20 percent per year. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) reported a 25 percent savings in the first year after it transitioned to a self-funded health plan and opened a clinic at its Pullman campus. SEL’s clinic is on track to save the company $1 million this year. 24 association of washington business