TUAS MAGAZINE #1 1 - Page 14

INTERNAL QUEST How long have you had an interest in music? I have had an interest in music my entire life. My grandmother brought me up around nothing but 70's soul music, and my mother with 80's and early 90's R&B music. With no older brothers or sisters, I had to discover Hip-Hop on my own. Did you attend school for music engineering? Where? I graduated from The Institute of Audio Research in New York City. How did you begin your affiliation with Jersey Sound Lab? I linked up with my manager in late 2010, and we created Jersey Sound Lab. Making power moves ever since! Is Jersey Sound Lab a studio or record label? Both. We have a recording studio in Newark, and we are in the process of finishing another studio in Brooklyn. Jersey Sound Lab the label is small circle of artist producers and DJ's. What equipment do you use to create beats? I bee