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Silas Smith

Your Title : Owner and General Manager Years in current job : 12 years Years in your industry : 12 years
Whats the biggest challenge in your industry ? The service industry isn ’ t that bad . Of course we all have our complaints , though . Maintaining our premise and our health standards comes first and foremost . Just keeping on top of it daily doesn ’ t make it that hard of a task , though . Making sure our customers , since we do serve libations , maintain composure and stay safe is our utmost priority as well . But that is just being mindful and cognizant of our clientele . The biggest adjustment is getting used to odd hours some of us have to work , especially those of us that have kids . Bartenders and servers usually work a mix of second and third shift . Getting home and getting to sleep right away is almost out of the question . Managing some guests certainly can get frustrating , but there ’ s nothing like making someone ’ s day better by giving them an ear to listen to . I ’ ve always gone by this quote , “ If everyone in the world worked at least six months in the service industry , we would all treat others with more respect .”
What ’ s the best part of working in Madison County ? I moved to Eastern Kentucky with my parents 21-years-ago from Indiana . I spent my formative years in middle school and high school here and then attended EKU . I bought a house and have no plans on moving away . That is because I have met some of the absolute best people growing up and via working in Madison County . I ’ ve met people that would and have gone out of their way for me and mine just because of their generosity and caliber personality . Our clientele , our friends , my coworkers , almost every person I have come across has shared good conversation and made an impact on my life . I wouldn ’ t and clearly don ’ t plan on living anywhere else .
Anything else you would like to add ? We try to do as much philanthropy as we can via our venue , and none of that is possible without the amazing care and contributions our patrons and community give to those . We try to always donate local , but even when it isn ’ t local , Madison County residents are still affable and give help to others .


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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