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by Weston , and her father , who create the design on a computer software and print it out using a CNC mill . This particular die is made out of steel , while others in the shop are made from brass . Once the shape is imprinted Weston uses special tools to pull at the glass , stopping to heat it once or twice more , until it finally takes on the shape of a snowflake .
Weston also makes special icicle designs around this time every years . These designs are made by recycling the leftover glass scraps Weston cuts off when making other designs . She mixes all of the scraps together , regardless of the color , and the result is a “ beautiful blue .” She then twists the glass and creates shapes which resemble icicles .
Weston ’ s love for glassblowing happened almost by accident . As a young girl , born in New Zealand , Weston said she loved to paint scenes of nature . When she came to America she turned her passion a few years down the road , into a degree at Hastings College in Hastings , Nebraska . It was during her time in college when Weston first experienced glassblowing . She explained there was a class which focused on the art of glassblowing and she chose to take it , just for fun . This spur of the moment decision has now turned into a lifelong passion for Weston .
Falling in love with glassblowing brought Weston to Kentucky in a strange way . After graduation Weston came to Cedar Point , Ohio , to work at the amusement park there as a glassblower .
“ And I accidentally got a graduate degree ,” Weston said .
She got her Masters Degree in glasswork at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green , Ohio . Her time at the university finally brought her to Kentucky . Weston explained often times she and her friends would make the drive from her college to the city of Berea . Whether it be for an art show or to peruse the local shops which sold interesting wares and Weston fell in love with the town .
“ Berea was always a place I liked to come when I was in school in Bowling Green ,” Weston said . “ My friends and I would come up and down the interstate doing art fares and Berea was always a good place to stop because of the crafts . It was always a place I wanted to be , a part of the crafting community . There is just a lot of support here for artists .”
Weston found her way back to Berea about 18 years ago and set up shop in the heart of the city . Her father has also made himself a welcome part of the equation of Weston ’ s business . Helping her come up with new and interesting ideas .
Each day at work , Weston is able to do what she loves . Capturing the beauty she once painted now in the form of glass and selling pieces to passers-by and seeing the smiles her artwork can bring . And so , for her , ‘ the most wonderful time of the year ’ is anytime she is near her furnace .


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