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F or many , this year , the holiday season has come early . Christmas lights can already be seen twinkling through neighbor ’ s windows and snowflake cutouts decorate doorways .

With the hardships 2020 has brought , the merriment which comes with the holiday season is much needed . And so , people have begun to celebrate ‘ the most wonderful time of the year ’ almost a month in advance .
The same can be said for Michelle Weston , owner and glass artist at Weston Glass Studio in Berea , as she had already begun her holiday themed glass making in the second week of November .
“ Normally , I wouldn ’ t switch out my fall themed stuff with my holiday stuff until after Thanksgiving ,” Weston explained . “ But I ’ ve had people asking for my holiday stuff for weeks now . So i just figured it was time .”
Weston makes an assortment of different glass wares in her shop . One can see jellyfish chandeliers hanging on the ceiling and different glass sea creatures on the walls . But during the holiday season , Weston makes sure her works are put on their brightest , and merriest , display .
Glass snowflakes , candy canes , and icicles hanging from pristine white Christmas trees . Each ornament , with colors ranging from the classic red and green to brilliant purples , shimmer under the Christmas lights . Each gift beckons shoppers to ‘ pick them .’ What makes these pieces even more lovely is the love and passion Weston puts into each and every one of her decorations .
The snowflake , made from clear glass tolook as if it is made of an ice crystal , is the new design of the season . Weston explained each year she tries to make something new , so her gifts stay fun and interesting . The crystal is made from raw materials which are melted into hot glass by melting it in the studio ’ s 2050 degree kiln . Weston explained this particular kiln runs so hot they keep it on 24 / 7 .
“ It needs to be so hot that it takes at least three days to reheat to the right temperature if turned off , so we just keep it on ,” Weston explained .
Once she has her melted glass ready , Weston presses it between two die ( stamps ) to get the design imprinted onto it . The die is made
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