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Words and photography by | TAYLOR SIX

Despite a hectic year of cancelations

and reopenings , the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department is doing its part to bring some normalcy — especially during the holiday season .
The parks department has worked out several plans to still hold modified versions of popular annual events in the city of Richmond , including the downtown Christmas Parade and other holiday events .
Because of coronavirus and restrictions imposed , the group is working outside of the box to make sure residents can participate in different , safe festive events .
One of which , is implementation of the Season of Lights .
Erin Moore , the director of administration and recreation for Richmond ’ s Parks and Recreation Department , presented a plan to help spread more Christmas cheer , even during COVID-19 , with an abundance of lights and decorations throughout downtown .
“ Christmas cheer would be good for everyone ’ s soul ,” she told the Richmond City Commission previously .
Lights , garland , stars , snowflakes , and wreaths are all things Moore purchased and placed downtown to help increase citizens ’ quality of life .
Previously , the city park ’ s department had money set aside for the city ’ s first ever Millstone Festival , which was cancelled in late July due to coronavirus .
“ We had some money allocated to the Millstone Festival , but since that is cancelled , we thought this would be a good use of those funds ,” Moore said previously . “ We have needed an update for many years ( on Christmas decorations ) and this is the year that we would need Christmas cheer .”
By installing new lights and decorations , the city
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