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“ It was an exceptional turnout , and that was pretty awesome ,” he said . “ We sold trees up to two days before Christmas . There was one , we weren ’ t open but it was pouring rain , 10:30 at night and he called needing a tree and came out and picked it up .”
After having a taste of his dream and a successful first year under his belt , the Edmister family is gearing up for their second season of tree farming .
With only saplings planted thus far for upcoming seasons , the family intends to purchase 200 pre-cut trees to post on the farm for families to choose from .
Edmister stated he was extremely limited in getting the 200 trees , as tree wholesaler options were slim because of a tree shortage .
“ I began calling in July and because of the shortage , there were only three farms available then ,” Edmister said .
Therefore , he and his wife traveled 650 miles to Pennsylvania to pickup Fraser Firs from Walker Tree Farms to bring home to Richmond .
The family is looking forward to another successful year in business and the interaction they will get with those in the community .
“ We met a lot of great families ,” Edmister said . “ One of the funnest parts for me is walking through here with them and listening to them . You know sometimes the husband is just like , ‘ Ugh , she drug me out here , let ’ s get this over with .’ And other times there are families like this one family of six , they all came in Cleveland Browns gear and were
The Edmister family started their Christmas tree farm in 2019 .
just a super cool family . Its just a good time .”
With no plans to slow down now , the Edmister family has planted saplings , and are refurbishing a grain bin for a transaction area — a Pinterest pin idea from Hannah — to grow their tree farm business .
“ I am the dreamer , my wife is the realist , she has to dial me back sometimes ,” he laughed . “ But my goal is to have ( acres of hills ) covered in trees and bring people back to the family traditions of
Christmas . That is what this is about for us .”
The Edmister Tree Farm is located at 200 Rowlette Drive in Richmond . Skye and his wife , Hannah , live there with their five children ; Zoey , Allie , Josh , Briella , and Bekah and two dogs , Bosco and Sampson .
Pre-cuts will go on sale Nov . 27 , beginning at noon until dark . For more information , contact Edmister Tree Farm at 740-504-1958 or email edmistertreefarm @ gmail . com .

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