Madison County Chamber 2021 - Page 7

MCC Business Directory and Resource Guide 7

I am proud to have the opportunity to be part of recognizing all of our business owners who make up a critical part of our local economy and community . During these difficult times you have proven why Anderson / Madison County is a great place to live , work and invest .

Thank you for choosing our community and for your investments and commitment .
As you know , small business is the backbone of our economy . You employ large numbers of our workforce and you provide quality products and services to our families .
The City of Anderson is fortunate to have the Madison



County Chamber as a strong partner in our ongoing efforts of business and economic development . The Chamber
has worked hard to assist its members in growing and being sustainable and successful enterprises . Because of these efforts , Anderson continues to prosper as we promote economic and community development community-wide .
During this last year not only have existing businesses been provided the needed support to remain open , but we have also , by working together , continued to open new businesses and expand old .
As we continue to move forward , I am optimistic about our future . I know that the
Chamber , its leadership , board of directors and its members will continue to network , innovate and invest in our great community . The City of Anderson will continue to be a proud partner in these efforts .
I hope you will closely review this directory . Support each of these businesses and keep this guide nearby as a valuable resource .
Because of each of you , our future is bright . I look forward during this next year to working with all of you . Should you need any assistance from the City of Anderson , please do not hesitate to call .
Thomas J . Broderick Jr . Mayor , City of Anderson