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Mindset From

Scarcity to Abundance

with Patrice Washington
You ’ ve read all the books and listened to the podcasts on financial freedom , so why haven ’ t your finances improved ? The answer is simple — it ’ s your mindset . We caught up America ’ s Money Maven , Patrice Washington to break down why your mindset plays a key role in living an abundant life and how you can transform your thinking to live the life you desire .

WYour mindset is the number one thing . A lot people think their issue with money has to do with all these external things —“ I don ’ t know how to budget . I don ’ t know much about credit . I don ’ t know how to invest .” They make it so much about the skill set and the things that are outside of them . If you take that approach , you ’ ll never have true control over your finances and you ’ ll never feel empowered to get to whatever financial success you ’ ve defined for yourself . Building wealth has nothing to do with building money . It has everything to do with our mindset . That ’ s important because you can know what to do all day long — you can know how to budget , you can know how to invest — but your mindset is what dictates your behavior , your actions and your habits . You can ’ t change anything in your finances until you make up your mind .

Three Keys Habits For Abundance
GRATITUDE . Your words are so powerful . Your words shape your mindset . Anything you say , your mind is going to try to prove it right . Your mind is going to look for ways to justify . When people say it rains , its pours — if that ’ s what you verbalize , that is what ’ s going to magnetize . That ’ s what you ’ re going to bring more to yourself . What I ’ ve learned is that the people I ’ ve interviewed , there ’ s an underlying spirit of gratitude . Everybody has a story , a valley they went through or a defining moment they [ experienced ] and one of the things I believe is a common thread between them all is that they chose gratitude over whining and complaining . They chose to find the good in any situation .
KNOW YOUR NUMBERS . This is about being very clear about what comes in and what goes out . A lot of times people are just too vague . Whatever you nurture , grows . What you have with money is a relationship and any relationship you have in your life will grow if you nurture it . If you take time , if you look at it . If you open the mail , if you talk with your creditors . If you ’ re more proactive that relationship has to get better . It ’ s law . How could it not ? Think about those relationships where you are ignored . The relationship eventually fizzles away . In the same respect if you don ’ t check your mail , if you are not checking your statements , why do you need more money ? You ’ re not even managing what you have . It ’ s not a thing where , “ If I get some money , I ’ m going to do [ better ]. Absolutely not . You are who you are . Who you are with $ 100 is who you are with $ 100,000 .
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