MADE Magazine Issue 8 - Page 59

MADEGLOBAL is incredibly enticing. Really, this is the water you daydream about at work as you scroll through your favorite social media travel account. After you’ve toasted under the sun, you may want to actually share a toast or two and celebrate your decision to make it to this part of the Caribbean. Admittedly, the options for food and beverage aren’t abundant or particularly sophisticated. Your choices are to hire a chef for your villa or try some island mainstays (ask locals for their favorites). The flavors aren’t as rich in spice or curry as some other islands, but the cuisine won’t completely disappoint. Look forward to freshly caught, simply grilled seafood as your meal mainstays. Now back to the villa thing… accommodations are what makes this a costly endeavor. With the majority of accommodations being five star, a more economical approach is to go for a villa rental. Expect for the beach to take center stage during your time in Anguilla and forget about the pretentious reputation because beach snobs are welcome, rich snobs are not. ◊ FRESH: Seafood that was literally caught within hours of making it to your plate. The cuisine takes freshness to another level. PERSPECTIVE: Infinity pool perfection at Viceroy Anguilla for your poolside chilling and IG photo taking delight. 59