MADE Magazine Issue 8 - Page 57

MADECONNECTIONS WHY DESTINATION? everyone, not to mention that the ocean would provid a beautiful backdrop for our wedding photos. The first was that it relieved us from choosing one hometown over another. Cameron is from Richmond, VA, and I’m from Memphis, TN, and both of our families still reside in their hometowns. So, a destination minimized a sense of favoritism. We could’ve picked Charlotte too (where we live), but if we’re asking people to travel, why not choose an international destination? So, in that same turn, our last visit to St. Lucia happened to be one of the best vacations we’ve taken together. We wanted to share that experience with Also, the atmosphere of a destination wedding inspires a carefree attitude for all involved. Weddings can be stressful for participants and guests. Being abroad will do a better job of forcing people to unplug from their lives stateside. Finally, we had friends and family who deserved a good reason for a vacation! Planning a wedding in a destination that will create memories that will last forever is a dream come true. EXPECTATIONS? We are hoping for a reunion-type feel—not only for family members, but my schoolmates and Cameron’s track teammates. We have several contingencies attending the wedding—from Tennessee to Virginia, from FAMU to Morehouse, from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. to the track team. It’ll be good for those folks to see each other after several years and also for them to meet our TIPS? other friends and family members. abroad will do a better job of forcing people to unplug from their lives stateside. We have planned for the event to be beautiful, but there are always things that occur to sidetrack your plans. So we won’t get too caught up in the details…just knowing that the goal is for us to get married. That’s why we came. That’s why our guests joined us. And that’s exactly what will happen. - Start planning once you announce. It just makes it easier to break the planning up as well as evaluate decisions without the threat of a time limit. met, who have little invested in you, as opposed to your hand-picked wedding planner. So when you have desires you want accommodated, there’s a process for approval that can take time…if the wish is approved at all. Destination weddings are simpler, not easier. Don’t go in thinking things are going to be easy. When planning, you’re working with people you’ve never Make sure the venue/resort you’ve chosen can accommodate the maximum number of wedding attendees. ◊ 57