MADE Magazine Issue 8 - Page 43

MADEMUSIC MADE: Tell us how you connected with Lupe Fiasco & Big K.R.I.T. to remix one of your songs. Dee1: [With Lupe] We’re actually really good friends. I was in Los Angeles in the studio with him and he was playing his new album for me before it came out and letting me hear everything. At the end of the session, this was before the original even came out for “Against Us”, and I was like “Let me play you a couple of my songs". I played “Against Us”, “Show on the Road” and “My Student Got Murdered”. "Against Us” ¬ he was really messing with that one. I could just tell by the way he was moving and reacting to it that he was feeling it. So I was like “Man, I’d love to get you on that for real. That’ll be pretty dope.” And he was like “Bet”. I thought he meant he was going to email it to me and get around to it when he got time. But he went in the booth and literally 45 minutes later it was done. So he recorded it right there. God is the one who gave me the talent, so why am I ignoring God when it comes to how I need to go about making music or what I need to do in certain situations.” [With Big K.R.I.T] I saw Big K.R.I.T. at the BET Hip Hop Awards and I told Big K.R.I.T. about the song. Saw Big K.R.I.T on the Green carpet, told him about the song…and that’s my boy as well…he told me to send it to him. With Lupe being on it, that really made him be like “Oh, that’s gon’ be fire on this, because it’s me, D, and Lupe”. So yeah, that’s how that happened. MADE: So it wasn’t like an industry hookup? That is so refreshing. It was an organic connection. Dee1: Yeah, so that’s a great question. Although you might look at them or even listen to the music and be like “I don’t see it” or “I don’t get it,” with J. ¬Cole in particular, literally, I’ve been around him enough. I was around him like two weeks ago. It’s so crazy how similar we are. I know the vibes that I give off, so when I’m around people with similar vibes to me I just pick up on it. And that’s just something that I picked up on when I heard J. ¬Cole’s first mixtape back in 2009. With DMX, it’s just because I do wear my emotions on my sleeve and he’s an extreme version of me. With DMX, I respect him because it’s the war that I know goes on in my spirit and my body. This man has his happening externally Dee1: Yeah and it’s so much better that way. I didn’t have to tell them what to rap about. They know. They’re naturally on the same type of wavelength I’m on. We all have a different approach to how we deliver our message but we all are good¬hearted dudes that are in the game to inspire and motivate our audience. MADE: You’ve mentioned that your spirit is similar to that of J. Cole and then later on in the conversation you said that you feel like DMX and you all are similar in a lot of ways. J. Cole and DMX appear to be polar opposites, so we’re curious to find out in what way you parallel the two? 43