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MADEFEATURES XXXX studio system , and when the success came , I said , “ This is a moment that if I don ’ t step out on faith and start my own company and really lean into the expertise that I ’ ve learned since I ’ ve been in the studio system , then it ’ s gonna cost me way more than it ’ s gonna benefit me .” I knew that , that was the point in my career graph that I had to jump into a new opportunity . But I didn ’ t do it without thinking about it . It was a strategic move . I had the relationships . I had paid my dues . I had success that I could point to . I had support . So I needed all of those things in order to be able to step into my own situation , but that came after ten years of preparation , putting in the work , putting in the hours , putting in the time .
MADE : You ’ ve spoken about relationships being our true currency , and having so many great relationships in the industry and building those overtime . How did you maintain those key relationships after quitting your job to be your own boss ?
DF : Yeah , you know it ’ s funny . Entrepreneurship is inspirational . So , when you have a conviction about something , and you have the faith to go after it , you ’ d be surprised how much that inspires and also enhances your relationships . So , me stepping outside of Sony and starting my own company , it actually made the relationships
stronger because a lot of my mentors really were like “ Yes , DeVon , we ’ ve always believed in you . We ’ ve always believed you could do great things , and now that you have taken the step , and you have taken the risk to do your thing , we ’ re going to help you .”
And so , part of the way that I ’ ve been able to maximize and keep relationships ( and enhance relationships ) is one humility , and seeking their counsel , and saying “ Hey , can you help me understand how to do this , and I ’ m not sure how to do that , and I ’ m worried about this .” Be honest . Sometimes in entrepreneurship there ’ s an ego . Where it ’ s like “ You know , I don ’ t want anybody to know what I don ’ t know .” I don ’ t want anybody to know that I ’ m not sure .” But what I ’ ve learned is that the most successful people ask the most questions . The most successful people look for the most help . And so , by me stepping out , and asking for help and seeking guidance , and seeking counsel , it ’ s actually enhanced many of my relationships and made my network that much stronger .
MADE : To back up a little bit in terms of building and cultivating those relationships prior to becoming an entrepreneur . How do you ' stay in the room ' once you ' ve received opportunities to ' get you in the room '?

God is an ambitious God . So if He ’ s ambitious and we ’ re made in His image , then we should be ambitious too about the things He ’ s called us to do and who He ’ s called us to be .”

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MADEFEATURES MADE XXXX studio system, and when the success came, I said, “This is a moment that if I don’t step out on faith and start my own company and really lean into the expertise that I’ve learned since I’ve been in the studio system, then it’s gonna cost me way m ɔ)ѡӊéЁt$܁ѡаѡЁ݅)ѡЁ䁍ɕȁɅѡЁ$Ѽյ)Ѽ܁չ丁 Ё$eЁЁݥѡ)ѡЁи%Ё݅́Ʌѕٔ$ѡ)ɕѥ̸͡$䁑Օ̸$)Ս́ѡЁ$ձЁѼ$)иM$ѡ͔)ѡ́ɑȁѼѼ)ѕѼ䁽ݸͥՅѥ)ЁѡЁѕȁѕ)啅́ɕɅѥѥѡݽɬѥ)ѡ̰ѥ)ѡѥ()5)e׊eٔ)ɕѥ́͡)Քɕ䰁٥)ͼ䁝ɕЁɕѥ́͡)ѡ䁅եѡ͔)ٕѥ!܁ԁх)ѡ͔ɕѥ́͡ѕȁեѥ)Ѽȁݸ())eԁ܁ӊéչ丁ɕɕ͡)ɅѥMݡԁٔ٥ѥ)ЁͽѡԁٔѡѠѼ)ѕȁа׊eɥ͕܁Սѡ)ɕ́ͼ́ȁɕѥ̸͡)MѕͥM䁅хѥ)ݸ䰁ЁՅ䁵ѡɕѥ͡()ɽȁ͔Ё䁵ѽ́ɕݕɔ)qḛYݗeٕٔ݅́Ը)]eٕٔ݅́ԁձɕЁѡ̰)܁ѡЁԁٔхѡѕ)ٔхѡɥͬѼȁѡݗeɔ)ѼԻt)ͼЁѡ݅ѡЁ'eٔ)Ѽ᥵锁ɕѥ̀͡)ɕѥ̤́͡յ)͕ѡȁչ͕)ͅ她q!䰁ԁ)չх܁Ѽѡ̰)'eЁɔ܁Ѽѡа)'eݽɥЁѡ̻t) иMѥ́)ɕɕ͡ѡɗe)]ɔӊé+qeԁܰ$eЁ݅)剽Ѽ܁ݡЁ$)eЁܻt$eЁ݅)剽Ѽ܁ѡЁ'e)ɔt ЁݡЁ'eٔɹ)ѡЁѡЁՍ͙հ)ͬѡЁՕѥ̸Q)ЁՍ͙հ)ѡЁͼ䁵ѕ)аͭȁ͕ե)͕չ͕ӊéՅ䁕)ɕѥ́͡䁹ݽɬѡ)Սɽȸ()5)QѱЁѕɵ́ե)ձѥمѥѡ͔ɕѥ́͡ɥȁѼ)ɕɕȸ!܁Ԁх䁥ѡɽ)ԝٔɕٕչѥ́ѼЁԁ)ѡɽ()́ѥ́M)!éѥ́ݗeɔ)!́ѡݔ͡ձѥ)ѽЁѡѡ́!é́Ѽ)ݡ!é́Ѽt)饹)饹((((0