MADE Magazine Issue 8 - Page 17

MADE LIFE MAIN COURSE: THINGS TO DO DURING THE MEAL. • Quick Bites: Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way: Sit up straight, elbows off the table and make eye contact // Excuse yourself when leaving the table // Use manners like “Please” and “Thank You”, because people notice. // Always pass the salt and the pepper, even if someone only asks for one. • Follow The Leader: If you are the guest, avoid ordering the most expensive item on the menu unless it is suggested by your host. • Out To In: For formal dinners, think about the silverware on the table as the legend on a map. Each fork, knife, spoon, etc. is a key to what type of food will be served. Rule of thumb: Using your plate as the center, use the utensils farthest from your plate and work your way in as the meal progresses. • No Phone Zone: The best two things to look at during a dinner are the other person and the menu. Use your phone sparingly, if at all, or try turning it off so you don’t feel the pressure of feeling it go off or seeing it light up. BONUS: The dessert spoon and fork are usually placed above your plate. • Be Inquisitive: Ask the server what their three favorite items are. Asking them to explain everything on the menu makes you look indecisive, but engaging their expertise shows you’re friendly and may open up unexpected options for you and your guests. • Eating Style: There are two ways to eat your food with a knife and fork: European style and American style. European style means the fork always stays in your left hand, while American style allows you to switch the fork from left hand to right hand based on what you’re eating. European style is considered the most proper globally and may indicate your guest t ravels. • Breaking Bread: Break off one piece of bread at a time, butter it, eat and repeat. You may want to butter the full piece or make a sandwich. But avoid that…please. See, you noticed that. DESSERT: ICING ON THE CAKE AFTER A SUCCESSFUL MEAL. • Check, Please: If you want to pick up the check…make it smooth. Get there early, provide your server with a credit card and tell them you’re taking care of the bill. When that time finally comes, they can take care of the tab seamlessly and present you with the check. The thought that you’ve taken care of it so covertly shows consideration (and a little magic) that will definitely impress. • Split Checks: Because you called earlier, you know if you can use a card or cash. If possible, have extra cash in smaller bills to make change for someone else. You won’t be the one holding things up and you may help someone out. We call that being the people’s champion and guests will remember. • Farewell: Say goodbye to everyone, even if it was a larger group and you didn’t get to chat with them all. ◊ 17