MADE Magazine Issue 8 - Page 12

MADELIFE CREDITS: Models : Joseph Barron & Viz Wiley Barber : Donta Rice, CEO of Dominant Techniques Beard Maintenance Information & Shaving Products Provided By : Delfondo Herron, CEO of 103 Collection Vegan Organic Products Barbershop Photography : Chelsey Sincerray BEARDED MADE By Chelsey Sincerray P roper beard grooming and maintenance are essential elements for not only a man’s sense of style, but most importantly for health and hygiene as well. With a weekly grooming routine, balanced diet and exercise, there’s no question that growing a healthy beard will come about. Here are some quick tips on what will keep your beard in the best condition. Step 1. Cleansing. Start with a beard wash that has antifungal components. Avoid products with chemicals that can damage and dry your beard hair out. Step 2. Beard Oil or Beard Butter. Either of these applications will guarantee softer hair follicles, sheen and aroma to beard. Step 3. Definition & Toning. Usage of shave gel onto the beard will accentuate beard lines, cheekbone and jawline. With the application of shaving products, one must apply product on skin in an upward, circular motion against gravity. You don’t want to pull it down into face, as this will cause your chin and lower face muscles to sag. Step 4. Weekly Maintenance & Upkeep. “The maintenance and product application of a man’s beard depends on the level of daily personal activity. Men who are more active outdoors are exposed to the particles of environmental bacteria, dirt, fungus, etc. In this case, maintenance and cleansing is more continuous with a weekly set schedule (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday), whereas men who are indoors will require lower maintenance with only one to two days for upkeep of a clean beard throughout the week.” ◊