MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue - Page 50

MADEXXXX MADEINC “IT REALLY TAKES FOCUS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU NEED TO BE DOING SO YOU HAVE TIME TO PLAN AND EXECUTE. SPENDING TIME NOW TO STRATEGIZE FOR 2018 IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.” -STACY IKE Photo Credit: PHOTOGRAPHER: Curtis Taylor Jr. MAKE-UP ARTIST: Odera Nduka STYLED BY: Daughters of Nonyelum DESIGNER: Valdrin Sahiti Official Major Key: “Time-blocking is extremely important, which is something I’m learning myself. A lot of us are creatives and entrepreneurs and there’s no blueprint so we can create our own plans which is great. But, we have to take a hold of our time and really structure it and use it wisely. Plan, time-block and prioritize those things that we have to get done.” and prepare us for what is to come. Make an effort to track your success quarterly or bi-quarterly in order to revisit and your goals and always stay ahead of them.” Major Key: “Having a planner or some kind of journal. I need to see the good, the bad and the ugly in one space. Sometimes documenting the stuff that didn’t work out, and the things that did work out and some MEASURE AND TRACK YOUR SUCCESS of things that were amazing—just seeing and learning from all of it is important [when it “First off, success is one of the most individ- comes to figuring out] how we can track our ual measurements in life, but we spend most progress.” of our time basing it against other people. True success is a mixture of effort and fail- For The Content Creators: “Content ure. When we get to the big moment, there management now is so important. were likely SEVERAL little moments that led Managing the content you want to put out to the breakthrough—that is where success there. Deleting stuff that doesn’t make sense lies. When planning for 2018, reflect on for the brand. Planning stuff that does make YOUR success in 2017. All the little things, sense for the brand and really be ok with the the failures, the trial and error attempts, rebranding of that or whatever work it takes those are the instances that keep us strong to do.” #FIGHT FOR YOUR FAIRY TALE “The fairytale is the child-like thing that we never want to give up—that’s who we deserve to be. And, it takes a minute. It takes a lot of reworking, a lot of adjusting, a lot of failing/ mistakes. It takes people, friends, losses—it takes all of that, but in that please continue to fight because it is worth it and it is real.” Keep up up with Stacy’s inspiring journey @onetakestace and on her website, | 50