MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue - Page 4

MADEXXXX GUEST EDITOR’S LETTER S tefanie J ason While envisioning the links between the city that I have come to call home, Joburg, and the locale of MADE, Chicago I found many similarities that connect the two innovation hubs. As these iconic cities are famed for their culturally rich metropolises that hold as much history as they do futures, there are the elements that bind and others that draw similarities. What comes to mind so often is the music scene, house. A genre that was started in the Midwest by the Black and LGBT community. It later spread across the globe, to cities like Joburg and the rest of South Africa, which is today one of the world’s epicenters of house music. African Americans came to in droves to seek refuge from racist ideologies and segregation that festered in their Southern hometowns. While Joburg – nicknamed the “City of Gold” from its gold rush days in the 1880s - has come to symbolize a city for people of South Africa and other parts of Africa, to come to in search of hope and their fortune; an escape from where they came from; looking to get lost in this man- made forest. With this, the two cities have grown wealthy with hopeful and imaginative people. And today are homes to the young and revolutionary, the pioneers of cultural movements and powerful thinking. This issue continues to celebrate our greatness and bridge any gaps between us. Less obvious is what the two cities represent and their parallels. During the Great Migration from 1918, Chicago was one of the cities that Stefanie Cheers, | 4