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MADEINC I ALWAYS REFRAME THE THINKING AROUND ‘WORK- LIFE BALANCE’ BECAUSE TO ME IT DOESN’T REALLY EXIST.” However, managing both a full time job and her budding podcast did not come easily. “I had to develop my own system because I tried other people’s tips and suggestions and I realized what worked for me is really breaking down my days and my months. I break down the year in these 12-week sprints where I identify the goals I want to accomplish for the next three months and then I break it down even further. I map out the whole system in the Goal Getter Action Plan, which I actually have available for people to replicate my system and get as much done as possible.” Here, Nicaila Okome speaks to the common struggles faced by those who side hustle... MANAGING YOUR TIME PROPERLY While we often feel like we’re working around the clock, there are times where we feel like we’re not doing enough. Okome remembers feeling that way when she first started Side Hustle Pro, and after realizing her methods weren’t effective, she decided to do something about it. After breaking down her goals into twelve week sprints, she would take one goal and write out all the steps she needed to do. “I think we set these really large goals that are vague and that doesn’t hold us accountable because we think that wishing and dreaming and saying, ‘Hey, I have this goal,’ is doing something, but it’s really not. You breaking it down into really bite-size steps that you can knock off each day not only helps you get closer to it, but then it makes you feel good because you actually know that you did something that’s working toward your goal.” “I encourage everyone to truly make goals that are moving the needle. I talk about that in the Goal Getter Action Plan. Sometimes you have to go over what a goal actually is and I had to get myself to understand that as well. I thought setting big goals meant I was ambitious. If you set these goals that aren’t measurable then what you’re doing is just wishing, and that’s not ambition. You need to set something that is actionable and then measure it, track it and hold yourself accountable.” MAINTAINING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS Side hustlers know all too well what it’s like to miss friend outings or special occasions because they have work to do. We want to be there for our friends and family and that’s often misunderstood by those closest to us. “I think it’s never perfect. Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes you want to hang out with people, but you may end up needing more time to do something than you thought. One of my Side Hustle Pro guests, Evita Robinson, talked about this. She does check-ins with herself—asking herself, “Am I happy?” and if I’m not happy, what’s making me unhappy? If you find that you haven’t spent enough time with your girls in a while, then organize a girls trip or a girl’s dinner or brunch. Also, don’t beat yourself up. The number one thing I try to do is not beat myself up.” “If I feel like I’ve been slacking as a friend, then I focus on being a better friend. I don’t waste time or energy feeling bad about it—just | 39