MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue - Page 37

MADEXXXX MADEINC Y ou know her by the flaming red curls and even hotter dance moves executed perfectly next to Queen Bey. Ashley Everett has made herself a household name as Beyonce’s lead dancer for more than 10 years but what you might not know is how she got there. Ashley sat down with How I MADE It host, Jasmine Browley to talk about her climb to the top, the little known struggles that dancers face and the important lesson she learned from Beyonce. ON HOW SHE WAS CHOSEN TO BE ON BEYONCE’S TEAM: I was recruited by Frank Gatson, longtime choreographer to Destiny’s Child and Beyonce. I was 17, attending the Alvin Ailey Dance School and he was looking for dancers to round out a project that Beyonce was working on. He visited one day, picked me out of the lineup, asked me if I would be interested in learning more about HOW I MADE IT WITH JASMINE BROWLEY ashley everett the project and the rest was history. ON HOW SHE WORKED HER WAY TO LEAD DANCER FOR BEYONCE: One of the things that Frank loves to say about me is that I know how to keep my mouth shut. It may sound simple but learning how to listen has truly carried me far in life. Silence leads to listening which leads to un- derstanding. A big part of dancing and success over all is learning how to take direction well. So I think that my ability to do that and work really, really hard is what contributed to my rise up the ranks. ON PURSUING HIGHER EDUCATION AS A DANCER: One of the main reasons people go to school is to land a job in their desired field--hopefully their dream job. I just skipped a few steps to get to mine. For those that are weighing the options of either going to school or dancing professionally, really look at what works best for you and which would translate into the best experience for you and your future. ON THE BIGGEST LESSON LEARNED FROM BEYONCE: People assume that because I work with her, that I’m rich or opportunities are laid out in front of me to choose from. I still work very hard for every job I get and I keep grinding because of the way I’ve seen Beyonce grind after everything she’s already accomplished. She works just as hard, if not harder than all of us. If she still has that type of work ethic, why shouldn’t I? To listen to the rest of the con- versation, please click HERE.