MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue - Page 32

MADEFEATURE MADEXXXX her ability to push through despite her circumstances. “I don’t know about Nola back in ‘86, but Nola in 2017 has an added element of having some foreal trauma and being a commitment-phobe, so there is a little more to the story.” Nola’s journey through self-discovery affects all around her which proves to be a magnetic force. Ironically, the characteristics that make Nola Darling’s behavior unaccepted by societal standards are the same traits that prove to be her secret sauce. Her refusal of monogamy make her more desired and her brutal honesty make her most wanted. I THINK THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NOLA DARLING AND EVERYONE ELSE IS THAT SHE’S TRANSPARENT ABOUT HER SHIT.” - DEWANDA WISE “I BELIEVE THERE’S SOMETHING POTENT IN ALL OF US. THERE IS SOMETHING INHERENTLY SPECIAL THAT CANNOT BE FABRICATED THAT COMES FROM ONLY BLACK WOMEN.” - DEWANDA WISE | 32