MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue - Page 28

MADEXXXX TO BE LIKE SPIKE The Mastermind Behind a Classic MADE BY KRIS CHRISTIAN Exceptionally ahead of its time, Spike Lee’s first joint, She’s Gotta Have It, hit theaters in August 1986, starring Nola Darling - a new voice for women rarely seen on the big screen at the time. This Thanksgiving Day 2017, the modern evolution of Nola Darling extends across 10 episodes on Netflix, sharing Nola’s new-age outlook as an artist, friend and partner. Writer, Director, Actor, Producer, Author, and Educator, Spike Lee is widely regarded as one of the premier African-American filmmakers who helped revolutionize modern Black Cinema and the industry as a whole by offering up fresh talent poised for his progressive roles. The mastermind behind the series adaptation, She’s Gotta Have It, offers a modern spin to a classic story that all can relate to. In an exclusive interview with MADE Magazine, Spike shared his journey, personal influences and his plans to continue to pay it forward in the industry to rising Black talent. | 28