MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue - Page 23

MADEUS activities (Wellness, Wisdom, Wallet and World) in order to explore their passions and graduate from high school. Congrat- ulations to the following women who pay it 4ward to their communities every day. OUR HOPE IS THAT BY CONTINUING TO CELEBRATE WOMEN LIKE THE AMAZING 40 WE’VE HONORED THUS FAR, IT WILL BRING ATTENTION TO THEIR HONORABLE WORK AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO PAY IT 4WARD. - KEVIN WILLIAMS BMW GROUP, HEAD OF MULTICULTURAL MARKETING AND DIVERSITY & INCLUSION INGRID V. SANDERS Ingrid Sanders is a native of the south side of Chicago who has funneled her energy into building a storied career as an innovative leader in business and is currently serving as the business manager of the Bureau of Technology with the Cook County Government. She is also involved with the Tatisa C. Joiner Foundation whose primary mission is to empower, inspire and encourage cancer survivors to celebrate life. Through her work with the foundation, Ingrid mentors individuals in the beginning stages of their cancer journey and provide support throughout the entire experience. A breast cancer survivor, Ingrid uses her platform to help enrich the lives of individuals facing the strenuous recovery process while celebrating her own cancer survivorship. | 23