MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue - Page 21

MADEXXXX I NEVER WANT ANYONE TO THINK THAT THEY’RE NOT WORTHY OF SELF-LOVE BECAUSE OF AN ILLNESS. - JEANNIE MAI MADE: Where can our listeners go for more style inspiration from you, including advice you have given her Aunt Linh? JM: My style journey with my Aunt Linh is available on Reimag- along with the inspiring stories of other MS survivors as well. Photo Courtesy of Jeannie Mai. Follow Jeannie Mae do everyday things like dress herself, or button her shirt or anything she would’ve normally been able to do. Reimagine Myself is an online community that allows ambassadors with MS to share their expe- riences and walk their journey with the illness together. @JeannieMai and MADE: What helpful styling tips do you have for those living with MS? JM: Avoid wearing anything that too fussy to wear, like shirts with tiny buttons. My aunt would often get down on herself for not being able to fasten those types of blouses because until I stepped in and made some adjustments. Also, choose bright colors and patterns to lift spirits. I always grab things that reflect the mood that I want to have, so I suggest MS survi- vors do the same. | 21