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FEATURE STORY JEANNIE MAI MADE BY JASMINE BROWLEY KEEPS IT REAL ABOUT MS AND CONFIDENCE For more than a decade, Jeannie Mai has provided her TV viewers and countless social media followers with pointed self- improvement advice through down-to-earth fashion tips. As of late, however, the styling expert is getting more personal. life. Approximately 85 percent of people are initially diagnosed with relapsing MS, the most common form of the disease. Photo Courtesy of Jeannie Mai. A Since Linh’s diagnosis and subsequent personality changes, Jeannie has made it made her mission to inspire not only her aunt, but women with MS all over the world to continue to strive towards being the best versions of themselves through education, empowerment and practical tips that can be immediately applied to their everyday lives. s an ambassador for, The Real co-host is helping multiple sclerosis survivors change the way they look at look at themselves while battling the debilitating disease. “My aunt Linh has MS and has had to deal with some really difficult health challenges over the years,” she said. “There have definitely been some heartbreaking physical and emotional consequences.” Her aunt been living with relapsing mul- tiple sclerosis (RMS) for more than 13 years. MS, a chronic disease of the central nervous system impacts 2.3 million people world- wide and often strikes in the prime of their “My goal is to help women like my aunt reclaim the self-confidence they deserve but may have lost because of an illness like MS.” She talked to MADE Magazine in this exclusive interview about how the illness stripped her aunt of independence, self-confidence and sense of fashion and how Jeannie helped her reclaim all she lost. MADE: Why did you become involved with Reimagine Myself? JM: My aunt became a really different after her diagnosis and since I try to regularly spend time with her, I was really affected by the changes. She was no longer able to | 20