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MADEXXXX MADEINC HOW TO PLAN FOR A HIGH-IMPACT 2018 WITH Stacy Ike MADE BY ASHLEY WHITE Photo Credit: PHOTOGRAPHER: Curtis Taylor Jr. HAIR STYLIST: Ashley Sparks @HairHero JUMPSUIT: @KlosetKandyOnline If you’re like me, you can’t believe it’s already November. This year flew by. If you hav- en’t already, now is the time to prepare for a successful year ahead as 2017 is quickly coming to an end. With proper planning, the likelihood of having a prosperous year is great—just ask media maven Stacy Ike. “2017 has been the year of expansion—expand- ing my brand, expanding my business, expanding my team, career and abilities,” says Ike. All that growth came with proper planning. Known for her empowering tagline, “Fight For Your Fairytale,” Ike provides tips for planning for a high-impact year… the first 30 minutes of each day, praying, stretching and reading. A routine combina- tion of these three things set a productive tone for the day and keep us in the mindset to conquer all. at the same time. Growth requires change and challenge. Get out of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself once a day. It doesn’t have to be something major, it just has to be new. Don’t be afraid of what you have never don e Distractions affect us so much before, don’t be afraid of and we look up and say, ‘How things you have never seen. did it get November?’ We let The more you commit to your our time go by sometimes. If growth, the closer you get to we want to have these creative the best version of yourself.” and entrepreneurial lifestyles, we have to be super diligent PRIORITIZE YOUR TIME with our time. I wake up at 6 or 7am every day. I have to. So “If you’re anything like me, doing that and knowing that your to-do-list can sometimes the first 30 minutes of my day be too long. It is defeating at have nothing to do with Ins- times. I realized prioritizing tagram, social media, emails, and strategizing helped me nothing to do with anything succeed more than obsessing START EACH DAY OFF WITH but centering myself to do the over an impossible list. As you INTENTION day is a really big deal.” start planning for 2018, think about what can be done now, “It’s so easy to wake up and DO SOMETHING THAT and what is for later. Are the immediately check our phones SCARES YOU EVERY DAY things on your list a part of for emails, social media up- the 5-year goal or the 5-month dates, text messages or all of “This year, I learned the most goal? Know the difference and the above. But, how we start about myself in my uncomfort- prioritize accordingly.” the day inevitably influenc- able moments. I learned you es our productivity. Spend can’t be great and comfortable | 49