MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue | Page 47

MADEINC Vikings used to go on journeys and they would hop on boats. They wouldn’t see their families for years sometimes, so it took them to come back with either the gold or either they don’t come back wherever they were. I think I’m mixing up Vikings and pirates, but they’re all the same. But they’re on a mission and sometimes, they don’t know what direction they’re going in and sometimes you’re going to come across battles and there are going to be roadblocks ahead, but that’s the mission I feel like we’re on. We decided a long time ago that as a group let’s all get on the same page and try to be creative. Whether it be movies, films, TV or sketches online—which is our end goal and we try to do it collectively. And just like Vikings, they probably argued on the ship about who drank who’s juice. Cameron: Ashley, I think my answer was better. Rome: You also have to know that with every setback, there’s going to be some sort of setup. So, you have to know that there’s a gift in every failure. Even though at the time it’s like, “Man, this sucks,” but then a week later, you learn the lesson. Or a month later you’re like, we’re glad that did happen because if they wouldn’t have happened, then this wouldn’t have happened. So, you gotta know that a setback is a setup for something, you just have to be patient. MADE: We’re there any missed opportunities that you wish you would have leveraged? Cameron: Off the top of my head, there were no deals that we missed, but one wave we may have missed that we probably would have taken advantage of was Vine. Possibly. Just putting out more content on there and taking advantage of that. That momentum that app had. But as far as deals, we’ve been making the right decisions thus far. Rome: There are situations we could have handled differently. Not big situations but with a person or someone we’ve worked with collectively in the past. Just knowing the right steps to take when it comes to the deals, like maybe we could have made more money on [a certain deal]. Amanuel: Honestly, Ashley, I feel like everything happened the way it was supposed to happen. I don’t think there’s any moment where I look back and think, damn. Everyone has sacrificed in one way, shape or form. Rome had to give up a role for a TV show on OWN. Rome got casted for the show, but at the time we were shooting the pilot for Snap. The thing he was about to be on was a for a multi-episode show that’s already been picked up, and we were just doing a pilot. I’m sure he would have money on his own for that. But he [chose] to hold back and do the pilot with us and it ended up being successful for us. Everyone loved it and we found out it got picked up recently and we’re looking forward to writing on that. So, I don’t ever look back and say I should have done this. Whatever happened, it may have hurt at that time, but who’s to say we wouldn’t be where we are now if it weren’t for some of the decisions and mistakes that we made. MADE: That’s real. Speaking of where you are right now—what are your thoughts on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network? Is your end goal to do something simila