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MadAbout MadAbout Money Is your financial mindset about prosperity—or scarcity? Your mind has powerful capabilities. It can work to create a negative outcome or a positive one. It all depends on your perspective. From our childhood, we are conditioned to have certain beliefs about prosperity. It is these beliefs that define our financial mindset. Money T o achieve financial success, you need to look into those beliefs and alter them, so they are more about prosperity and not the lack of it. HOW TO EMBRACE PROSPERITY MINDSET And when your mindset is about prosperity, it not only guides you towards financial freedom but also helps you succeed in your personal and professional life. In the journey of life, you are always given two choices – To have positive and prosperous thoughts or abide by the lack or scarcity mindset. Knowing your true identity is important to gaining prosperity mindset. Most often we are misguided by false ideas on material wealth and statues. While you feel positive and powerful about what you possess and what you do, when your wealth is taken away, you feel ruined. By embracing prosperity mindset, you show your readiness to accept change. And it is a sound fact that change is the only constant thing in our lives. POVERTY AS A MINDSET Poverty is not just lack of money. It attracts all things negative with it like fear, discontent and distress. To move your focus to a world of generosity, joy, creativity, success and enriching experience, you need to embrace the prosperity mindset. 32 Believe in self power On the other hand, the power within you will retain the confidence and faith in your abilities no matter what ills befall you. Money is never a solution. To have real success in your financial and personal life, you need to hold onto the power within you and not depend on the outside forces, which you have no control over. Be grateful When you learn to be grateful for the things you have, you will not have the time to compare with what others possess. With a prosperity mindset, you can be free of the ingrained (and negative) beliefs on lack of resources and limitations. Be proactive To start developing a financial mindset on prosperity, you should stop feeling helpless and take a proactive approach to your life instead of reacting to the circumstances, which is what a mindset focused on lack would do. When you hold on to your future goals and remain undeterred, no matter how difficult life is you will succeed in achieving true prosperity. LEARNING IS AN ONGOING PROCESS To evolve into better individuals, it is important that we continue to crave for knowledge, progress and expansion. When you learn, develop new talents and seek growth, you are on the path to prosperity. A mindset glued to lack on the other hand is set in its beliefs and knowledge leading to stunted growth. By embracing prosperity mindset, you show your readiness to accept change. And it is a sound fact that change is the only constant thing in our lives. Positive outcomes result when change occurs in individuals with the appropriate mindset, in spite of being riddled with hardships and challenges. When you think of purchasing a costly item instead of dwelling on how you cannot buy it, you can take on prosperity mindset by assuring yourself that you will purchase it soon. When you gain control over money and not let it control you, your financial mindset will be all about prosperity and never about lack. 33