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MadAbout MadAbout Money Money 04 Debt is a two -way bridge that connects poverty to wealth Generally people think that debt can lead to poverty and there is no way out of it. However, such people are wrong. You can definitely convert your debt into wealth by following the right techniques. If you are in a lot of debt, then you can create wealth from it. Y ou just need to get disciplined and concentrate on your priorities. We have jotted down some tips that can help you transform your debt into wealth. Follow these proven techniques and see how investing and saving money can actually be more enjoyable than spending it. 01 ASSESS YOUR CURRENT FINANCIAL SITUATION You need to take out some time in order to assess your present financial situation. You need to check how much debt you are into by evaluating all your debts, whether credit card debt or loans. Then, check your savings and see how much money you pay every month in standard bills. With all these details, you must work out what amount of money you need each month to pay your bills. For this, you need to add up all your monthly bills. The amount that you get is what you have to put aside from your income in order to pay off your monthly bills. In case you see that your expenses are far more than your earnings, then this means 10 START SAVING MONEY WHILE P rU"DT%@FBR6W&W6ǒVV@FR6R6vW0FW"ƖfW7GRv6WGvVv2W"V&w2ࠣ 4T4U 5TDr$E0W"VVG26VFPFw2FBRVVBF7W'ffRv66VFPV6W76'fG2@WFƗFW2R6V@&R&VƗ7F2&WBW VVG2BbP7FFFBR&P7VFrFR֖VЦVBbW@7FFR&6RbW V6W76FW22&RF৖W"V&w2FVP6VB66FW"FpW6V6B"'WBbR&R7VFp&RWFFP֖VFVP6VB7WB&6'Ɩ֗FrW"vG2@W7BfvrW"VVG2ࠥvVR7F'BpfbV6bW"@7&VFB6&BRVV@FFRFBVB`WFBRW6VBFfbW"FV'Bv6RfR&VG@rFfFRFBWFGv'G26fRP'BbBBf`W"WBFV'Bg&FPFW"b6RRW FV'G26fRbF@WR7W&RF@RfRVW&vV7gVBW"6fw2v6W7B&RFV7BbFW2FPVBbW"Fǐ&2W2R6VB6&VvfW7FrW &WF&VVBgVBg&'@bW"7GV66frࠣ0U4R44DfBW6r7&VFB6&@BW6R666PbB'F7V&ǒbPFVBFR&FЧW&66W2g&W 7&VFB6&BBF@fbW"VF&R7&VF@6&B&FRW 6VB&RFF&pvW"FV'B6F@FRVBbWFBRW6RFf`W"FV'B6&RW6VBF'VBW"W7BVvrࠥF22rR66fW'BW"FV'BFvVFbRfpFW6RF26W&W0vFVRv&P&RFfbW FV'G2fW7BW"W&WGFW"vBFW2'VBW 6fw2BG&6f&ЧW"FV'BFvVFࠣ