Macro Trends to Watch 2022 | Page 3

These days it is not enough to just taste good , consumers are now looking for more from a brand . Specifically , shoppers have become increasingly concerned about how their food purchases impact the environment . They are looking for upcycled , zero waste , reduced carbon footprint , and water reduction in the products they purchase . While still emerging as a trend , consumers are also looking at farming practices , looking at regenerative agriculture – the practice of increasing soil biodiversity and organic matter , leading to more resilient soil that can better withstand climate change impacts without the need for synthetic fertilizers and / or pesticides .
The pandemic restrictions to stay at home have caused a lasting impact on some consumers and their eating habits . 53 % of US consumers who cooked using convenience foods and followed set meal routines more often due to the pandemic , plan to maintain these habits . Anticipating continuing these convenience at-home food habits , they are looking for time-saving products and grab-and-go snacks . Along with that , quality ingredient and chef-inspired frozen meals , home delivery meals , and refrigerated appetizers & entrees are expected to continue in growth as consumers look for quick lunches or dinners to be made at home or away from home .
Sparked by habits adopted during the pandemic , consumers are looking to be more proactive with their health while remaining flexible in their diets . This has led to the trend of picking and choosing from diet fads and customizing it to the consumer ’ s personal need . Shoppers are no longer following strict diets , rather they are cherry-picking what best suits their bodies . For example , choosing to eat more of a flexitarian diet with less meat and more plants rather than committing to becoming a vegan or vegetarian . This holds true for other popular diets like Keto as well , choosing lower carb over low carb .