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MAA Member Spotlight

Kieran Yaple is MAA ’ s newest board member , a Massachusetts Certified Arborist and CTSP working as a crew leader for Race Mountain Tree Services , Inc . in Sheffield , MA . Thanks to Kieran for taking the time to answer a few questions for the newsletter !
How old were you when you decided you wanted to work in tree care ? I grew up around and in the tree business , climbing with a rope and harness by age 12 . I would say it was high school when I knew I wanted to be involved in the industry .
What was your first paying job in the tree care industry ? I believe it was at age 10 – 12 , I was scooping up empty Christmas light brackets from a very large Christmas light project my family business would do . After that , I was dragging brush during the summers in high school for the company .
Who has influenced you most when it comes to how you approach your work ? My father , Ron Yaple , has been the largest influence in my career . He has been extremely supportive in my development as an Arborist .
What energizes you at work ? Seeing others on the team grow and develop skills , and problem solving with group .
Favorite piece of equipment ? I would say our 90 ’ Omme Tracked lift , it opens up lots of options . Almost no dead trees are climbed , it argues well for career longevity , and has the option to plug into a standard wall outlet and run off electric power . I ’ m a big fan of the log truck too !
Favorite plant or tree ? White oak and Japanese maple .
What ’ s something you ’ re good at that most people wouldn ’ t know ? I think I can hold my own on a motorcycle .
Kieran Yaple , MCA Crew Leader Race Mountain Tree Services , Inc . Sheffield , MA
Top destination on your must-see list ? The coast of Ireland - on a motorcycle !
Favorite season ? Fall .
Mountain , lake , or ocean ? The Atlantic Ocean .
What would we most likely find you doing on your day off ? Spending time with my family .
What ’ s one thing you ’ re learning now ? I am always trying to learn more about the Plant Health Care side of the business , to continue to grow my knowledge as an arborist .
What ’ s the best advice you were ever given ? “ Take it one day at a time ” is advice I have received from several small business owners over the last couple years . You can only do so much in a day , focus on that .
If you didn ’ t go into tree care , what would you be doing instead ? I ’ m not sure , but something outdoors . Maybe a hiking guide .